South from Old Town in Sarajevo is mountain Trebević, whose slopes became part of the city.


South from the Old Town of Sarajevo is Trebević mountain, whose slopes have become part of the city. Trebević is situated at 1629 m above sea level, and the mountain is connected eastwards with the mountain of Jahorina. It is about 12 km from the city center by road, climbing over the slopes of the neighborhood can be reached by walk for about one hour and thirty minutes.

Trebević is the main outing spot of Sarajevans since old times. Affordable geographic position, altitude, mild climate and natural beauty have grown into the hearts of nature lovers. With Sarajevo's neighborhoods on its slopes, it represents a unique harmony of urban and natural, and complete space is characterized by great biodiversity.

The exact origin of the name of mountain Trebević is unknown, but it is assumed that in the area of this mountain was an altar devoted to one of the Slavic gods, probably Perun, so the word "trebevište" remained.

During the antiquity, slopes of this mountain were inhabited by Illyrians who founded a settlement in the area of todays place known as Debelo brdo. Traces of a prehistoric Illyrian settlement were found on this location.

During the Ottoman period, numerous neighborhoods, known as mahale, were formed on the slopes of the mountain towards the city, and during the Austro-Hungarian rule the significance of Trebević grew rapidly, primarily from a military point of view. The whole city could've be seen from the slopes of mountain and several military fortifications were built, most famous in locations Palež, Osmice and Čolina kapa.

The significance of this mountain as outing spot grows over time, begining with afforestation of its slopes, and landscaping of hiking trails. The first mountain house and the mountaineering trail up to it was built in 1896 at Sofe, which is at the top of 1627 meters above sea level. The second oldest mountain house in Bosnia and Herzegovina was also built on Trebević, at the location of Dobra voda, in 1907. First mountaineering clubs in Sarajevo were founded during the period of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and after the end of WW2, new touristic and leisure facilities were built. Faculty of Forestry was established botanic garden "Alpinetum", on a surface of 14 hectare, what represented floristic lab with endemic plant species.

In 1975., at a height of 1566 meters, near the peak of the mountain, a 60 meters high telecommunications tower was built, dominating the mountain panorama of the city, despite the great protests of mountaineers and nature lovers. In 1982. was built bobsleigh track for competitions on 14th Winter Olympics, wich were held in 1984. In that time, that was the most modern bobsleigh track in the world. During the aggression, Trebević suffered enormous destruction, and after the end of the siege of Sarajevo, only havoc left on this mountain. Thanks to great love of Sarajevans, restoring the existing ones and building new contents, former glow will be return to this mountain.